13-Year Barrenness Destroyed!

“In 2014, my wife and I shared our testimony on the altar. On our way, the Bishop called us and declared, ‘You are blessed. This marriage is blessed. No more shall you see death again in your life. Very soon, you shall dedicate your children on this exalted altar.’ The next month, my wife took in.

Immediately it was confirmed at the hospital, it was like hell was let loose. I held on to God’s Word in 2 Chronicles 20:20 which says: Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.

I told God that I believe in Him and His prophet (Bishop Oyedepo). I also reminded God that He told His prophet some years ago, ‘See, I have touched your tongue with the coal of fire and as you say it, you will see it.’ So, since His prophet has declared with the tongue of fire, who is he that will stand against the Word of the Lord. By the power of God, the pregnancy was sustained.

As the delivery day drew near, I sensed the need for continuous prayer. So, after every service, I looked for a place and prayed, declaring Exodus 1:19. I also spoke in tongues for an hour that only angelic midwives would be present when my wife is delivering.

On the day of delivery, my wife was not prepared, as she only went for ante-natal. Then, the doctor saw the way she was behaving, checked her and discovered that she was in labour. He then instructed that she should be taken to the delivery room while he went to change. Lo and behold, before the doctor got to the labour room, my wife delivered our baby. I give all the glory to God for His wonderful works in our lives!”

Michael Omeife


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