3 Things Mindful People Do (1)

To live a life of impact, you should be deliberate. Mindful people understand this.

A mindful man is the man in charge. He is the man women call classy; he is the kind of man every woman needs. Mindfulness doesn’t just jump on people, to achieve it you  conscious about it.

The dictionary defines a mindful person as someone who is conscious or aware of his environment.

Many people live life not being mindful. Don’t be surprised that you fall victim sometimes.

These questions will help you check if you’ve been mindful or not.

Did you notice the colour of the sky on your way out this morning?

 Did you feel the taste of the food you ate this morning?

 Did you take time to notice how gorgeous your spouse looked this morning?

 Are you still hurting over last week mistakes?

If your answer is not satisfying, I then take time to study what mindful people do.

They Are Curious People

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning” – Willian Author Ward.

Curiosity is an an essential attribute of a mindful person. Curious people go the extra mile to discover the intent of anything and everything around them.

Such people are conscious of what they do; using every opportunity to ask questions. Novelty is one of the fastest routes to creating new natural connections. And you can’t make these connections without being curious.

For example, a morsel of food for a mindful person becomes a chance to pause and reflect. Curious people feel the smell, taste of everything around them while asking meaningful questions.  .

This set of people keep learning new things with the quest to reveal the unknown.

Curiosity keeps them ahead in whatever they do, and they get answers to whatever they seek.

Do you want to be mindful; how curious are you?


They Forgive Themselves

“It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive everybody” – Maya Angelou

Life comes with its obstacles. There are times we get tired to practice mindfulness, we so busy and caught up in avoiding what’s uncomfortable while trying to be  mindful. Hence, in practicing mindfulness you need to understand that these challenges are not signs of failing at being mindful.

Instead, these challenges are opportunities for learning about the hindrances of life. These hindrances will teach you two things: what you need in those moments and the fastest route to start all over again.

When a mindful person gets caught in an obstacle, he forgives himself  of the past,  learns from his mistakes, and then starts all over again.

Learn to forgive yourself of the past. It will strengthen you for the future and make you aware of the present.


They Control their Emotions

 “The sign of an intelligent people is their ability to control their emotions by the application of reasons” – Maya Mannes

Emotion is an energy in motion. They come and go, which is the reason we should learn  to control them.

Mindful people do this, and it enables them  not to get wrapped up in the difficult feelings, instead  they are in charge of their emotions .

Your ability to control your emotion and impulses says how mindful you are.




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