Women Who Made History Today


 Feb 24, Mary Ellen Chase (d.1973), New England writer, was born. “Suffering without understanding in this life is a heap worse than suffering when you have at least the grain of an idea what it’s all for.”
(AP, 6/23/97)(HN,


Feb 24, Sherri Rasmussen (29) was beaten, shot and killed at her condominium in Los Angeles. In 2009 Police detective Stephanie Lazarus (49) was charged with the murder following DNA evidence linking her to the murder of her former boyfriend’s wife. On May 11, 2012, Lazarus (52) was sentenced to 27 years to life in prison.



 Feb 24, Fawn Hall, former personal secretary to fired National Security Council aide Oliver L. North, posed for news photographers outside her attorney’s office, calling the attention “a little overwhelming.”



 Feb 24, US Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders labeled smoking an “adolescent addiction” and accused the tobacco industry of trying to convince teen-agers that cigarettes will make them sexy and successful



Feb 24, Lauryn Hill won a record five awards at the 41st annual Grammys, including album of the year and best new artist, on the strength of her solo debut album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill



Feb 24, A Palestinian woman (27) gave birth after being shot by Israeli troops as she was being driven to a hospital.



Feb 24, In Ohio Rosemarie Essawas killed in a car crash after losing consciousness. Her husband Dr. YazeedEssa vanished in 2006 and was arrested months later in Cyprus. In 2009 he returned to Cleveland to face murder charges. In 2010 Dr. Essa (41) was convicted of lacing her calcium supplement with cyanide so that he could be with his mistress.



 Feb 24, Ukrainian PM YuliaTymoshenko challenged her opponents to oust her in a no-confidence vote, aiming to show they don’t have enough votes to do so.



 Feb 24, In New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless and six other protesters boarded the ship Noble Discoverer in a bid to prevent it sailing to the Arctic, where it has been contracted by Anglo-Dutch energy giant Shell to conduct exploratory drilling. On Feb 27 police arrested Lawless along with five other Greenpeace activists

Feb 24, In Lebanon actress and UN special envoy Angelina Jolie completed a surprise 3-day visit to Lebanon to draw attention to the challenges facing thousands of Syrian refugee children and to highlight the massive displacement Syria’s three-year conflict has created.


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