5 Financial Mistakes New Business Owners Should Avoid

Money will always be a huge challenge for start-up owners. It is never enough. So, as a new business owner, there are some money mistakes you should not make no matter the kind of business you are engaged in. If this happens, you will discover that you are just throwing unavailable resources into your business without having the desired impact. Jumia Travel shares some of the money mistakes you should commit to memory if you own start-up.

Having a combined personal account and business account

Whether you are alone in the business or in a partnership, it is important for you to separate your personal account or money from the business. This will not only help you know the viability of your business, you will be aware of how much the business is making. Even if you collect money from your personal account to invest in the business, don’t forget to return it.

No budget for your business

For any serious new business with long term goals, it must have a pragmatic and realistic budget. A budget that is not above the available capital. The budget simply tells you how to spend money and the things you need to spend on. Ensure you strike out the things that you don’t critically need for now.

Making big purchases

You are in the teething stage of your business, so you don’t need big purchases even if you can afford it. Buying cars, computers and going big on advertising is a no no for any new business. It is advisable to be strategic in spending and leave the big purchases for later.

Not saving for emergencies

You don’t know when a business emergency will happen. Hence, you always want to be prepared for it. This means that no matter how much you are making, ensure you save for unforeseen circumstances. This is important for small businesses if they want to survive the growing stages of their business.

Not paying taxes and utility bills

As a new business owner, you are tempted to avoid payment of taxes and utility bills. But know that you may escape it now but you will unarguably pay for it later. So, pay your taxes and utility bills as at when due to prevent it from piling up and avoid paying unnecessary fines that come with late payment.

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