AMCON to Investors: Don’t abandon Nigeria, our economy great despite recession

AMCON, the Nigerian agency responsible for Asset Management says there are great potential and huge returns for investors willing to invest in the country.



The Asset Management Company also argues that the momentary challenge equally makes it the right time for strategic investors to take their position in the country, as it would soon be over.
The remark became necessary, as short-term investments in the economy at present would appear gloomy and discouraging, given the huge distortions of recession.
AMCON affirms that it is inundated with proposals from different investors, which only would be successful if it is targeted at long-term maturity.
Ahmed Kuru who is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of AMCON made the observations, said recession, which the country slipped into last year, should not in any way deter serious-minded investors, as the country would in no distant time come out of it.
Mr Kuru said with such strategic investment plan, reaping the full benefits of the investment was guaranteed because Nigeria remains one of the most promising economies in Africa, which explained why AMCON still receives a lot of proposals from investors.
“Investments now have to be for businesses and business owners that have a long-term interest in Nigeria; long-term objectives and long term strategy. Any investor without these characteristics may be overwhelmed as a result of the present situation of the economy, which is temporary, to say the least.
“So, as far as I am concerned, the present economic challenge is actually the right time to invest in Nigeria; a time to lay a solid foundation and then grow the economy in no distant time,” he said.
He explained that the ongoing efforts to fight corruption, provide infrastructure and strengthen institutions in the country should be a reassurance to investors about the new opportunities in Nigeria.
Kuru noted that AMCON would continue to sustain its tempo in recoveries, which began last year by strategically focusing on value-enhanced exits of its portfolios.

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