APRNet, IFPRI, Hold Forum On Agricultural Research Value Addition

The Agricultural Policy Research Network (APRNet), and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI-Nigeria) are set to host stakeholders’ Forum on Making Agricultural Research Work for End-users.

APRNet President, Dr.

Anthony O.

Onoja, stated this in a letter recently saying the forum would be the 5th on the series of stakeholders forum aiming at bringing together producers, communicators and users of agricultural research to brainstorm on ways of making agricultural research more effective in solving agricultural and food security challenges in Nigeria.

Onoja said at the forum stakeholders, spanning across the research value chain will share experiences, learn best practices, identify what is working well and what is not and then explore ideas for better linkages of research and end-users.

“The Forum will feature interactive sessions with researchers, research managers, policy makers, development practitioners, heads of professional organizations in agriculture, agricultural entrepreneurs and farmers.

“The deliberations will be tailored towards advancing implementation of appropriate policies to facilitate resilience, growth and development of agriculture in a depressed economy,” he said.
Onoja further revealed that the major theme of the 30th August forum is:

“Towards Effective Utilization of Agricultural Research Outputs for an Agricultural led Growth in Nigeria,” and sub themes includes:

“Improving the Competitiveness of agricultural commodities and value chains in Nigeria: The role of research, governance and Policy; Investment environment and finance: The Role of Research, Financial Institutions and Policy; Rate and impact of technological development for Nigerian Food and Agriculture Sector; implications of Increased regulation of agro-food system for Nigerian agricultural growth and Development: policy uncertainty; Climate change, water availability and droughts: Policy Implications; Sustainable and productive use of land and water resources for agricultural development and Demandside management for a viable Nigerian Agriculture Market.

“There will equally be a Research Policy Seminar presentation by Dr. V. Oboh of the Central Bank of Nigeria.
A Keynote address is to be delivered by the minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbe.
“In order to optimize time and other resources, one of the topics would be presented as a Seminar.
The main theme will be the focus of the key note address, while any four other presentations will be expected from the other lists in the subthemes,” he said.

Source: blueprint.ng

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