Five Ways LinkedIn Can Help Your Career/Business

As a regular reader here, you’ll recall that we once wrote something about optimizing your LinkedIn page. Shortly after that, we wrote another article and mentioned LinkedIn as one of the top job sites in Nigeria. It was there that we promised to write a follow-up article. The only thing we didn’t tell you there is that the follow-up article would be about how LinkedIn can help your career. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with a few surprises every now and then.

Now, you probably already know that LinkedIn is a pool of opportunities for individuals and businesses. As a matter of fact, more success stories than we can even count have come out of that platform. But, what exactly is all the fuss about? How can LinkedIn help your career/business?

Let’s take a look. 

1. It helps you to gain reasonable connections with key players in your industry

LinkedIn is primarily a networking platform. It is open to anyone and everyone who is a professional across multiple industries, from education to public relations and even non-profit organizations, to mention a few. As such, it’s almost impossible not to find your niche. As soon as you do pick your industry, you can use LinkedIn to find people who are doing similar things as you and connect with them. These connections will eventually go a long way in helping you out in the future.

2. It could help you get a new job

Apart from helping you to connect to those who matter, LinkedIn could as well get you a new job. Because the platform is for professionals and corporate entities, it’s not uncommon to come across job vacancies. The best part about this is that job opportunities are neatly showcased by LinkedIn in a professional manner. As a matter of fact, you can tweak your LinkedIn profile so that the platform sends you a direct alert whenever there is a new job opening within your industry.

3. It allows you to showcase your skills

Remember when all your achievements were either in your CV or spread by word of mouth? Well, that period is dead and gone. You can say goodbye to it. With LinkedIn, you can keep all your professional achievements in one place. Do you have excellent work experience in a particular industry? You can put this on LinkedIn for everyone to see. Do you have certificates from high-quality courses you’ve taken? You can put this on LinkedIn too. Have you worked with high-class individuals before? You can get recommendations from them and post their texts directly on your LinkedIn page. You would be amazed at how much these things boost your professional reputation.

4. It gives your business a solid online presence

Other social networks are great for business. Depending on who your target audience is, they can help you reach out to people easily. But, almost none of them come close to the “Company Page” feature on LinkedIn. With this feature, you can create a specific page for your business, write a bio of up to 2000 characters and keep your audience informed about your company’s excellence. 

5. It helps you learn new and useful things

Knowledge, they say, is power. Without information, in our current world, one could become outdated and ineffective at work. LinkedIn helps to reduce the chances of that happening by providing you with multiple courses to choose from. No matter your industry, there is something for you, and as soon as you’re done with that, you can get a certificate and show it off to potential employers/business partners. 


There are several ways through which LinkedIn can help your career. All we’ve done is to mention five of them. As much as we’re happy that you read through this, you should know that you can’t just stop here. You have to get up, create a LinkedIn profile for yourself and start enjoying all its benefits!

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