How to Enjoy Life – Live Like a Cell

Life can be best enjoyed when lived in the basics. Life like everything in it can be broken down into smaller units. Physicists break it down into atoms(quarks or quanta), biologists break it down into cells. No matter how massive a house looks it can be broken down into its building blocks. Invariably, everything in nature can be broken down into their fundamental or functional units, which is after their kind. For us humans therefore, as biological beings, living from the basics means living like a cell which is the functional unit of Life itself.

The question will then be: How does a cell live?

Every cell knows it has a higher purpose. It lives primarily for the welfare of other cells. This is the best way to live. I have heard deck workers say, ‘All before self,’ in that in event of one careless person not performing his task(s) or neglecting an important sign can prove disastrous to the entire deck. A cell can die just to protect the body as it often does. Selfishness is not an option.

Also, you need to be in Communion with others in life. Except you are Robinson Crusoe, you cannot live without the company of others. Live with others in peace so that you also can have peace. Be friendly with people around you. Keep no malice; nurse no grudge; owe nobody anything but love. For a cell, withdrawing or hoarding information from others may consume the entire body.

Your awareness must allow you to adapt to situations as they come. Live from moment to moment and in the present moment. Cells do not cling to old ways. They respond to new challenges with novel approaches. When a new situation arises for which they are not familiar, they simply adapt. This is awareness.

Acceptance is another quality cells have. You must accept everyone, every person, and everything, no matter how they appear outwardly as equally important. Just like the dog’s tail, it may appear unimportant, but the dog is not complete without it. Cells don’t act independent of each other. When they attempt this, the results are always fatal for the body.

Cells know much about creativity as we know. We must never fall into the temptation to think that things will always remain the same. Clinging to the familiar actually stunts growth. Though cells all have unique functions, they combine their energies in creative ways. Welcome the unknown or the unfamiliar and creatively approach what they bring. When the cells stick to the familiar, guess who is the ultimate loser?

And old school marching song goes, “Do your best and leave the rest”. As primary school children we sang this song but fail to understand it inherent message. Doing your best in every situation you find yourself is what is known as efficiency. A cell understands it needs to get the best using the least effort. It trusts totally that it would be provided for. Forcing, controlling, struggling or manipulating all appear awkward. I challenge you to leave at least two things out of your control and see what happens.

By this, I do not mean to approach things with reckless abandon! I mean do your part and trust the process. This is just like planting a seed. After doing this you water it daily and allow nature to take its course. But the problem with most of us is that after planting we want to always check for how the seed is growing! This is not efficiency.

Bonding means showing you care. We are all from the same source even though our appearance portrays us as different. Every cell knows it was formed from a previously existing cell, so there is no need to segregate each other.

Something remarkable happened recently during a UEFA Champions League Round of 16 clash between Chelsea FC and Paris St German(PSG) at the French capital. Some Chelsea fans had racially abused a PSG fan at the lobby of a train en route the stadium to watch the match. The matter generated much emotional reactions with the international media criticising the fans. On the return leg of the match in London, PSG fans decided not to allow Chelsea get the better of their emotions, so for those who would board trains with Chelsea fans, they sewed white overalls to cover their entire bodies reflecting no colour of their skins in the trains. With this they hoped that racial Chelsea fans would not know who was black, green or blue. Suffice to say PSG progressed on to the quarter final of the competition right at the home of Chelsea. The actions of PSG fans shows that we are all the same, appearance of colour is merely accidental.

My charge to you therefore is that you must not have prejudice against anyone on the basis of social status, race, sex or religion. Express sympathy sincerely to those who need it. Whenever you talk to anyone, remember to look into their eyes to show you care. This is what it means to live from the basics. Live like a cell.

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