How to Overcome Delay

It is important to note that every human created by God is on a journey. A lot of times, we struggle to understand how to go about the journey, let alone arriving at our various destinations. When we talk about a journey, the first thing that comes to our minds is movement from one location to the other. But it’s a lot more than that; the day you were born till today is another type of journey. The very moment you conceive an idea till the time of its manifestations is also a journey. To every journey, there is time given for you to arrive at your destination.

However, when you don’t arrive at your destination at the appointed time, there is a problem. When the journey that is meant to take three months, takes three years, there is a problem. Delay is this problem we are talking about and this piece is very important as it will open your understanding on the causes of delay and also, on how to overcome it. Among other points, the first cause of delay

There are different ways or means to overcoming delay, the following are very important;

  • Certainty: one of the major causes of delay in life is when embarks on a journey without being certain of where you are going, how to get there, and when to go. If you are certain and definite about your journey, the inclination to keep going around in circles would be addressed.
  • Getting the right help: when a man seeks for help from the wrong people, or when he gets no help at all, there is a tendency to experience delay in that area of life. So is getting the right help earlier than required or expected. Getting the right may appear difficult humanly speaking, but with God all things are possible.
  • Journeying on the right direction: Imagine an athlete who leaves the mapped-out track and takes a different track. Such an athlete will not find people along the chosen track to encourage or motivate him during moments of weariness and such can be a cause of delay. But when you journey in the right direction, the right help to get to your destination on time will come.
  • Being in the right company: one of the ways through which we can overcome delay and get to our destinations quickly in life is when we associate with the right people. When you need encouragement, you will get it and when you feel lonely, you will have people to lean on; but that is if you are already in the right company.
  • Adequate preparations: how fast we can get to our destinations often depends on our level of preparation for the journey. Imagine if you have to leave your house at 5am in the morning and you get to the door three times only to remember you forgot one thing or the other. When we prepare adequately for our journey, we have an advantage over those who failed to prepare adequately for their journey.

May God give us the grace and strength we need to overcome delays in our lives in Jesus name.

Sunday Egbowon

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