I stabbed my 3 month-hold baby 16 times and cut off her head –Mother Confesses

A woman from Ohio, United States, US, has confessed to killing her own daughter and cutting off her head.



The 22-year-old woman, Deasia Watkins, made her confession, weekend, when she pleaded guilty before a Hamilton County Court.

Watkins, who is believed to be mentally unstable was said to have committed the act in March 2015, US, WLWT TV is reporting.

According to the Hamilton County Assistant Prosecutor, David Prem, the mentally ill woman was charged with stabbing and decapitating her 3-month-old daughter, Jayniah Watkins.

The prosecutor said, “Watkins stabbed her daughter at least 15 times with a large kitchen knife before severing her head.

“She then placed the knife in her daughter’s hand to make believe the baby did it,

“Watkins was found lying in a bed pretending to sleep and covered in blood.

“She was acting crazy and talking about demons before the slaying, family members said.””Ž

“Social workers placed little Jayniah in her aunt’s care, and authorities warned her to keep Watkins away from the infant, but she managed to move into the home regardless,” the prosecutor added, noting that authorities found the decapitated baby girl on the kitchen counter in the home of an aunt who was her temporary caregiver.

Watkins, who pleaded guilty to the charge, said “I loved my daughter very much.

“Yes, it’s true but I loved her, regardless of what anybody says.”

In his ruling, attorney Perry Ancona said, “Nothing good came out of this case.

“It was very gruesome. It’s a very emotional situation, emotional for the family that was here, emotional for her.

“It’s just devastating.

“Court records show Watkins was diagnosed with postpartum depression and she was taking medication for her condition.”

Ancona, however, sentenced the accused to 15 years imprisonment.


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