How to Make Money with a Free Blogger Website is a Google-owned blogging platform that is now being used by many high-profile bloggers to create various types of content; news, opinion posts, music blogs, video blogs (vblogs), gossip and many more. Having blogger website has its advantage of gaining access to the various packages offered by Google for instance the much coveted Adsense program.

A free blogger account will appear like this; until you upgrade to the premium package which them removes the blogger making it High-profile bloggers like Linda Ikeji started off with the free package up till the last 2 years before upgrading hers to a custom domain, howbeit still hosted on blogger.

So with a free blog one can achieve financial success so long as you are doing well in creating content that attract readers and at the same time leveraging on other money making strategies as a blogger. Many of which include what we have below;

Organic Ads

Advertisement is the major way bloggers make money from their website and for organic ads, it means businesses are contacting you directly to run their banners on your website. Reaching out to you means that they are confident about the number of people who visit your site and will actually see their business ads and logos on it.

The usual thing to do is link a banner in such a way that when visitors click on it they are redirected to your client’s business site. As it is common in the blogging business, the banners are meant to be on the website for a few weeks depending on the website policy. It is this way because if you leave it there indefinitely the client will still be benefitting from your website traffic without any additional payments. Different sizes of banners include 728×90 (most expensive), 300×250, 420×60 banners and text ads.

Google Adsense

This is one of the profitable ways bloggers earn money for themselves especially if you have high traffic on your blog. What you need to do is to sign up for Google Adsense program and submit your website for approval. There are guidelines it must meet before it is approved by Google. Let me also state that blogger websites have a higher probability of getting approved faster more than websites hosted on other platforms.

When it is approved, you then start placing ads on different pages of your site (following the guidelines). After this, your primary work will be to drive more traffic to create impressions (mouse hovering) on ads or clicking on the ads. Clicks generate more money than the impressions. The minimum payout for your adsense account is $100.

Sponsored Posts and Promotions

A post means an article or content (music or video or pictures) that one creates on his/her blog so that people can see it. No one pays you for generating your own post on your blog but when you build a considerable amount of audience, people post their own posts because of your audience and traffic for a fee. This is what is called sponsored post. You are being paid to post a copy of an article that is mostly meant to promote a product or business.

The nature of blogging is that it is an online business therefore; most of your contacts will be made online, so as much as possible drop your email, social media accounts and phone numbers for people to reach you. com is a platform that pays for sponsored posts but their payment is #200 for a post which they publish on various blogs. If you sign up you will see their guidelines on it and their minimum payout is #5000 but if you have to withdraw before the threshold there will deductions.

On the other hand, promotions involve posting new products and writing a review on them. The promotion can either be done by the client or they ask you to write it for them. Writing it means that you will charge for writing and for the posting amount i.e. your traffic that they will leverage on. Songs and music videos are also promoted on blogs.

Selling Products

One thing blogging does for you is to give you a voice and present you as an expert in your niche market. So with consistency and quality of your work, you can move from simply posting free news and articles to selling your products. For a fashion blog, you can start by selling fashion items. For the sake of payment issue most new bloggers stick to payment on delivery because many buyers will skeptical about paying until they see the products.

For a business blog, you can sell e-books, tapes and videos. You can run podcasts that people will pay on a subscription basis to have access to. Some blogs go to the extent of creating an ecommerce section or page that is after building your readers’ confidence in your brand. For instance, foremost Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji just started a social networking platform because she feels people trust her and the brand she has built in over 10 years.

Affiliate Marketing

This involves selling other people’s products for a percentage of the product amount. It is online based and requires one to sign up to the affiliate program of different businesses, online stores, motivational speakers (for books), bookstores and more. Many businesses are focusing on this aspect of marketing to drive more sales to their companies because it gives them a wider audience for their products.

Affiliate marketing asides the website clicking of banners and links to make sale, can be done through email marketing. Many bloggers work to create a community of readers and one way to do this is by asking readers to submit their emails, after which they send out weekly or monthly newsletters. It is in these newsletters that they pitch products to their readers. Check out more about affiliate marketing.

So there you have it! Easy ways to make money from your free blogger account. If you have other ways you use your blogger site to make money, kindly share in the comments section!


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