Olumba Olumba says president Trump provoking ‘god’ with his immigration order

The Spiritual Head of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, BCS Worldwide, Olumba Olumba, has passed a note of warning to President Donald Trump of the United States after news made the rounds that Nigerians may no longer get 2-year American visa.

Olumba Olumba

Olumba Olumba

Nigerians may be at risk of losing American entry visas which have two-year validity except President Muhammadu Buhari-led government change existing immigration policy with the United States.

As the ”˜Trump order’ takes immediate effect, Nigerians holding valid two-year US visa may also be affected.

The ”˜Trump Order’ has since been a bone of contention across the world.

But the spiritual leader says Trump’s one week in office has created tension around the world and he has provoked God.

According to Olumba Olumba, he (Trump) will soon earn the wrath of God, adding that before long, the United States Congress would disappoint him by throwing out all the harsh executive orders which he has signed in his first one week in office.

The cleric said this on Sunday while addressing worshippers and guests at his international headquarters in Calabar, the Cross Rivers State on importance of love and unity.

He said Trump was working against the Holy Spirit by causing division, disaffection and hatred, thinking he was pleasing the American electorate.

He said, “President Donald Trump thinks he is working to please the electorate.

“He does not know that he is offending the Holy Spirit by causing disaffection, hatred, division amongst not only American people but people around the world.

“Trump should not provoke God to bring down His wrath on the US.

“They should be very careful about threat to deport the so-called foreigners,” he warned.

Source: Dailypost

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