Signs that you Might be Ready for a Promotion at Work

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In most organizations, there is already a structure for promotions in place. Promotion, in this sense, could be a salary increase, a position upgrade or both. Regardless, in companies like that, after meeting a few metrics, including the duration of work, you’re considered for a promotion. However, this standard doesn’t apply to every company. As such, you may be the one who has to ask and negotiate, based on noticeable signs, that you might be ready for a promotion at work.

Now, it isn’t safe to assume that you know these signs. What you think is commendable might just be a regular feat to your boss. So, you have to be sure that the signs point towards your being ready for a promotion. To save you the issues that arise with errors, we’ve compiled those signs for you.

  1. You’re working excellently at your current position

It is one thing to work well, and it is another thing to work excellently. The first means that you do all that is required of you. The second means that you go the extra mile to ensure that you get the job done as it should. If you’re already doing this in your current position and you’ve been doing it for quite some time, then you might be ready for a promotion. One of the surest signs that you’re doing well is when your boss commends you him/herself publicly or otherwise.

  1. You can easily perform the work of your superiors

As a greenhorn in a company, it’s safe to say that you really might not know much about what your superiors do. In fact, you might hardly know much about your own job. But, when you notice that you’re handling job delegations very easily, you might be ready for a promotion. However, if you’re going to ask for one, make sure that you don’t do so to pull down the person currently above you.

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  1. You can see the bigger picture

Ordinary workers just collect tasks and get them done when required. This is the bare minimum, and it’s basically what you need to remain employed. However, if you can see beyond the tasks you’re getting to the reason you’re getting them, and you can help achieve that purpose, you are ready for promotion.

  1. You’re incredibly proactive

You don’t wait to be told what to do. When the time comes to attend meetings, you’re on ground to get things done and you take charge when appropriate to help ensure that things go as they should. If either or both parts of that sentence describes your personality at work, you might be ready for a promotion at work.

  1. Your skills are phenomenally better

Apart from everything else, if your skills are much better than they used to be and you have something to show for it, then it’s very likely that you’re ready for a promotion at work.

Bottom Line

Many different things point towards your readiness for a higher position at work. However, you have to be absolutely sure that you have these qualities before you pop the question to your boss. To do so, go through a detailed self-examination process and find out where you might need to work on. Then, you can start looking at the possibility of moving up the business ladder.


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