Stella Damasus Speaks On Next Level

Despite the reports making round that Nollywood actress Stella Damasus has gone off social media, the actress has taken to her Instagram to speak on her next plans.

“My next level!,” she began.

“We keep wondering why God is not showing us what next or taking us to the next level of our lives. Maybe it’s because we are not done with the level we are currently at. We have not accomplished the mission for that level so we can’t skip to the next. We can only be promoted when we have excelled in our current stage.

“Have we sat down to honestly ask ourselves if we have done all we can and are supposed to do in our current position? Are there things we are supposed to do but have not done? For me, I have not helped all the people I can help. I have not studied the word of God enough”.

Explaining that being on the next level is not only about money and fame, she added, “I have not transformed enough lives and won enough souls yet. I have not taken the word of God to all the people he has placed around me yet. So, are we really ready for the next level? Oh wait a minute…are you one of those who think next level is about money and fame?”

The actress with her kids currently lives abroad with her lover Daniel Ademinokan and his son.

Credit: thenation.

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