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So, Where Will This Journey Take Me?

I will say the first step in the process of a better and sound financial future is the desire to change your financial lifestyle. That desire is what should naturally necessitate you asking yourself the following; Where am I financially?

I Love this Pretty Girl, but…

Whenever we are looking at relationships between men and women in its entirety, it can be practically defined as a mutual connection or magnetism between a male adult and a female adult which is aimed at a fulfilling marriage. Now hear the story of this young man;

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Happy, Guilty or Shameful about Your Money?

Brenè Brown has had a massive influence on women everywhere. She first inspired me when she spoke about parenting at my son’s school many years ago. Brenè’s success has catapulted since her Ted Talk went viral. Brene’s book was required reading by my Episcopal priest, and she was brought up in my Course in Miracles class recently. She’s everywhere, and with good reason!

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When it’s Time to Sell Your Company

Have you ever considered selling off your company?

It might not be what you want, but it may be the best option. Running a company is full of challenges. As enthusiastic as you may be, sometimes an angry customer will rage in, your passion and savings might whither, leaving you to wonder whether to keep on or sell off your company. Here are five signs that it’s time to sell your company.

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Tips on Personal Budgeting

Budgeting really should be the foundation of personal finance. Whether or not you write down a personal budget, use a budget spreadsheet, use a budgeting app, or you simply keep track of your finances in your head — you’re probably already budgeting.

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Which is it: Money or Character?

Who is with me on this?

I want a guy: Tall, dark or light, and handsome. I don’t mind if he belongs to the beard gang—having full beards I can play with. I want him to be of the same religion as me, I want him to be rich—have enough money to take care of me and him. He should have a car ooo and be rich enough to buy me one too. I want him to make sense—have a good character, be nice and passionate. I also want him to be romantic and we should have the same sense of humor. And yes! We should understand each other and see the world the same way.

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5 Reasons You Need a Blog as an Entrepreneur

When I wrote my first book, many people thought it was a miracle. They couldn’t imagine how I had the time to write the book, especially since I was a practicing attorney at the time. They would always ask me how I even decided to write about that topic, and how I knew that people would read it.

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10 Reasons People Remain Poor and Unsuccessful

Shout out to all those that wants to remain poor. Shout out to all those that have written their goals but have not taken any step towards achieving them. Shout out to all the procrastinators. Shout out to all waiting for that perfect time. So you want to remain poor? Then read on.

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