Terry G Gives Back To Society

At this moment when Nigerians are groaning under recession; popular afro-pop singer, Gabriel Amanyi, widely known as ”˜Terry G’, has proved to be someone whose milk of human kindness is like an inestimable fountain that has endlessly flowed to satisfy parched throats.

 Terry G

Terry G

The artist is taking initiative to help people in this trying time by giving out free bags of pure water produced by his company to restaurants, bars and other individuals, in order to help their businesses, because he knows the value of water to their lives and businesses.

Terry G, who grew up in the slums, has devoted a substantial chunk of his private resources towards the care and service of not just the less privileged but also to humanity.

He was recently sighted at Iju-Ishaga ”“ a rural suburb of Lagos state ”“ randomly distributing free bags of water to people and at the same time promoting and creating awareness for his Terry G Pure Water Production company which has been in operation for over two years now.

Soon after carrying out this benevolent act, he went on tour in the United States, and will be back in due time to resume his water business and also continue his thriving musical career.

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