The Underwear Mistakes Every Woman Should Stop Making

There’s a good chance you don’t put a lot of thought into your underwear when you get dressed every day but instead worry more about those clothes that go on top of those underwear, right.

That however, might not be the best move as your privates deserve some consideration, and grabbing the wrong pair can have some seriously unpleasant side effects.

Here are a number of underwear mistakes every lady should avoid the next time you get dressed.

Not Using Cotton

Let’s face it, ladies, cotton underwear may not be the sexiest choice you can make — but it’s the healthiest. Silk and synthetic fabrics are not breathable, which increases the risk of moisture being trapped and retained, which can create a yeast or bacterial infection.

If you however love to wear underwear made from synthetic fabrics, it is beat you choose a pair with a cotton-lined crotch. Limit the silky panties to special occasions, where you won’t have to have them on for too long.

Wearing Thongs

Thongs are somewhat the perfect solution when you want to wear thin fabrics that may show the lines of your undies or even yoga pant. They however come with risls that are basically gross.

If for instance you have a little bacteria such as E. coli (common in the colon) in the back part of the fabric and you’re physically active, that material may move. All the thing needs to do is move an inch or two and it’s next to the vagina or urethra. That thong may be depositing colonic bacteria into your vagina or urethra.

More so, irritation from the thin material can also lead to skin tags on the vulva and rectum probably not the look you definitely want around your privates.

You can however choose cotton thongs, wear them for short periods of time, and keep yourself clean. This may keep you healthy but is this mistake worth making?

Ditch Them When You Go To Bed

You dont neccessarily have to go to bed conpletely naked. You can however stay naked under your pyjamas. This is because trapped moisture can lead to increased bacteria and even yeast infections, and wearing underwear 24/7 can increase that risk.

Allowing that area to get some air helps to keep it dry and clean.

Not wearing them during the day

Just because it’s better to let your lady parts breathe while you sleep doesn’t mean you should plan on not wearing any underwear during the day. It maybe cool to do so every now and then but it’s definitely not advisable to go without underwear in some situations.

Not wearing undies while you wear clothing that causes friction, like jeans, can actually lead to chafing and sores — which can eventually become infected.

Wearing The Wrong Size

Wearing underwear that sag is not only uncomfortable but also unpleasing to the eyes. Also, wearing too-tight underwear is just as big of a mistake, and might even be worse.

Wearing too-tight clothing in any area of the body can lead to chafing and irritation, and the vagina is no different.

Wearing underwear that doesn’t leave room for a little air to move around can also cause moisture to be trapped, possibly leading to a yeast infection.

Ditch The Coloured Underwear

It’s definitely fun to pick out underwear in a wide variety of pretty colors and patterns, but it may be bad for your health. Fabric dye can irritate the delicate skin around your vagina — especially if you already have sensitive skin or you’re prone to recurring vaginal infections.

Using Detergents

The type of detergent you use for your laundry is important. The skin on your arms and legs might not call for special detergents, but your vagina may have different requirements, as some may cause contact dermatitis.

The tissues that your panties come in to contact with are a lot more sensitive than those around your elbows. It is best you use a hypo-allergenic detergent — or at least choose one that’s not heavy on the perfumes.

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