Time to Take Control of Your Narrative

You meet a prospective client for the first time. You are desperate to impress. Introductions and a handshake follow, and next thing the person is saying to you, “I’ve heard so much about you”. You search your mind frantically for a mutual friend or acquaintance hoping the prospective client heard only good things about you. You even say jokingly, “Good things, I hope”.

He may not notice, but your voice falters as you attempt to laugh. At that point, you simply cannot say what he has heard about you.

So, you know who you are and where you are going. You even have goals and plans for your life, career, and business. But, have you given much thought to how people perceive you and your business? Do you often wonder what emotions your name evokes when mentioned? Have you thought about what people say about you to others?

If you are even a little bit concerned about your personal brand, then you need to take control of your narrative. And here’s how you can do that

Articulate your Brand

Who are you? What do you have to offer that no one else can?  Every so often people claim expertise in a broad topic such as writing, or marketing, or even politics. You need to look beyond the peripheral titles and identify the category within that field where your unique experiences make you, undeniably, a major player.

Content is a very powerful tool for articulating your brand, as words wrongly strewn together may have the opposite effect on your audience. Use language as building blocks for your brand.

Have a Strong Online Presence

One of the first things people do when they hear of a new person, company, or trend is run an online search, usually on Google. So, it is important you have some measure of control over what the search results will be. A good way to start is by having a strong online presence. A good website with quality content sets you apart immediately. Remember, it’s all about taking control of your narrative and what better way is there to start than having a website that talks about you just the way you want to be heard?

How Social are you on Social Media?

Social media goes a long way in helping you establish your brand even beyond your website. Having profiles on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram will get you more visibility. Social media is also fantastic for engaging with people who may not have visited your website before. An activity as simple as following someone on Twitter and retweeting their post can get you noticed.

Become a Thought Leader

Beyond getting online and getting noticed on social media, people want to be sure you actually know what you are saying. Nothing establishes your brand as solidly as when you are seen as a thought leader, especially in the same area you have been known to address. Write blog posts, articles in newspapers, books, deliver seminar papers. In short, get noticed and get published.

If you have ever felt like you had no control over what was being said about you, now is the time to take back control of your brand by controlling your narrative.

Are you ready to begin?

Omatseye is a Creative Consultant at Sons of Issachar Concepts, an idea management firm that offers integrated publishing services to authors from writing, publishing, book launch, to marketing and sales.

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