Tips for Securing Your Career

Have started out a good career, it is important that you secure it, in other words, it is important that you know how to grow it and keep it in an upward progressive path. Having a secure career is not automatic, you need to apply yourself to it, give it all it takes in terms of diligence and time investment.

  1. Have Work Objectives:

Work with targets, goal and implementation plans and KPIs. These help to keep you on track. Know your company’s vision, their performance metrics, individual targets for staff and work with these.

Most companies use goal and implementation plans, some call it actualization plan and strategies. Get to know the plans and strategies and how they intend to achieve the set vision and target of the company. You could devise your work plan around it such that you achieve above 90% of the task required. Also take into consideration whatever deadlines or timelines is attached to the project.

Make sure that as you progress you are aligning your performance with the key performance indicators KPIs. KPIs help you to keep record of your progress and could spur you on.

  1. Understand and Prioritise Your Job Specification

It is important that you do exactly what you are paid to do. While it is good to lend helping hands to other departments, this must not be to the detriment of your primary assignment. Understanding and executing an assigned task will help a great deal to reduce waste of valuable time, energy and resources.

  1. Be Excellent

Be excellent at what you do. Excellence helps you stand out of the crowd. In addition, be innovative, check out new ways of doing what you do, get more knowledge; the internet is a vast resource. Companies appreciate ground breaking ideas as long as they are not against company rules.

  1. Accept new responsibilities:

As you excel in what you do, more responsibilities will be added to you because the reward for a job well done is more work. Don’t shy away from accepting new responsibilities. This opens you up to new areas and keeps you from monotony. Don’t be too rigid or get too used to the familiar.

  1. Maintain a good relationship with your superiors/boss:

As much as possible have a good relationship with your bosses or superiors. This does not mean that you should be subservient to them or start showering them with gifts or bribes. Try as much as possible to be in good terms with them. Bosses and superiors are usually in a position to recommend you for promotion, or for new opportunities or openings.

As you keep these tips in mind and practise them, be sure that your career is on an upward climb.

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