Tips To Spice Up Your Long-Term Relationship

Remember when you and your partner first met? Remember the excitement, energy and passion when you were together back in the day? And while these intense feelings may seem like a thing of the past, there are eight easy ways for you to keep the spark alive and the exhilaration at peak levels as a couple. In fact, these quick tips can make your long-term relationship feel like new.

  1. Bring back date night.

Just because you’re in a long-term relationship doesn’t mean that you should stop “dating” your partner.

To that end, in order to add some spice to your relationship, why not hit up the new Mexican restaurant around the corner, make movie plans or cook a romantic dinner at home? It’s key to make a real effort to create fun and memorable evenings that help you to recapture the earlier feelings and desires that you had for one another.

  1. Take time to celebrate. ​

Along these lines, when you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s important to take time to celebrate the important milestones that come up. In fact, when you’ve been with your partner long enough, a birthday or anniversary may seem like just another day. However, in order to keep your relationship feeling fresh, these important dates should be treated with the respect that they deserve. In a word, you should take the time to commemorate and celebrate when you have the opportunity to do so.

  1. Change the setting. ​

When’s the last time that you took a vacation or a staycation as a couple?

In order to create a sense of newness in your long-term relationship, it’s imperative that you change up the scenery and go on different adventures together. And whether you plan a trip that takes you across the county, country or even the world, these new experiences help to add novelty to your long-term love story.

  1. Widen the activities that you do together. ​

With this in mind, another important step in spicing up your long-term relationship is to step out of your comfort zone as a couple. In fact, there’s no better time to try activities that are on your bucket list as a couple. And whether it’s bungee jumping, learning to snowboard or simply joining a bowling league, creating opportunities to engage in new activities together can help to keep you engaged in each other’s lives.

  1. Stay intimate.

Another important aspect of keeping your long-term relationship feeling like new is to keep the intimacy levels high between the two of you. And while your alone time together may be a bit different or less frequent than when you first got together, it’s important to make intimacy a priority. In other words, even if this means scheduling ahead of time the moments when you’ll be together or simply buying new lingerie, putting in the effort will truly benefit your connection.

  1. Let your partner know just how much you appreciate him or her.

If you’re wondering how to spice up your long-term relationship, another simple way is to make an effort to say, “I love you,” and, “Thank you,” more often. In fact, these words of praise, admiration and respect tend to go unspoken as time goes by in a long-term relationship.

With this in mind, it’s highly important to tell your partner just how highly you think of him or her whenever you have the chance.

  1. Be spontaneous. ​

Another important tip that can help you spice up your long-term relationship is to find ways to keep your partner on his or her toes. And whether you surprise him or her with tickets to see a musical, bring him or her breakfast in bed or simply stop on the way home from work to pick up his or her favorite pastry, these acts of kindness can help to keep your relationship happy, healthy and feeling like new.

  1. Be present.

If you’re looking to add more energy and excitement to your long-term relationship, you should resolve to be fully present when you’re together. Not only will putting away your phone enable you to be a better listener as well as help you to have more meaningful conversations with your partner, but the lack of interruptions and distractions will enable you to connect with him or her in a new way that’ll keep your relationship feeling like new.

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