Today’s Message: Fulfilling Divine Mandate

Topic: Fulfilling Divine Mandate
Text: Mark 16:15

The primary purpose of being on earth is to fulfill the divine mandate. And the mandate the Lord Jesus Christ left for His followers is to preach the gospel to all nations.

In carrying out the above assignment, it is expected that the gospel message is simplified, well packaged, and in a presentable manner to the dying world. No excuse will suffice for this great assignment. The Lord does not want anyone who calls himself a Christian to make excuses or be distracted from this noble mission. This is what Christ lived and died for.

Souls of men are so precious to Him, such that He would do everything possible to ensure they are reached with the good news. Souls are everywhere waiting to be harvested. Avenues abound where sinners can be ministered to.

The streets where we live present to us those who are wretched and sold out to sin. In the market, men and women are hungry and destitute of the truth of God’s word. They are waiting for someone to extend a loving hand of fellowship in preaching the word to them. We can also encounter some while on a journey. The Lord expects us to boldly declare His Word and bring the people to the Lord.

Others can be found in other public places. However, Christians should be very careful in entering some places to preach the gospel, such as beer parlours, brothels, and clubhouses (Jude 22:22). This precaution is to avoid falling into temptations that can lead to sin. There are fields other than the above, where a Christian can successfully preach the gospel and bring sinners to God.

Our immediate environment is a convenient place to start evangelism. It is our Jerusalem where the gospel message can be disseminated. Ordinarily, this should be a believer’s first port of call before going out to other places.

There is no spiritual engagement in the house of God that will excuse anyone from preaching the gospel. Everyone is primarily called to preach before engaging in any other assignment. It has become a norm today that people excuse themselves from evangelism because of the office they occupy in the church.

Choir members, ushers and prayer warriors, among others, are all called to evangelize, notwithstanding their assignment in the church. In the course of preaching the gospel, those specifically called by God as missionaries should be flexible enough to change the base for other locations whenever duty calls.

The only qualification for preaching the gospel is being born again. Therefore, every believer who has accepted Jesus Christ is eminently qualified to preach the gospel. Conviction and conversion of souls is not your duty; it is the Holy Ghost that does the work. What God is asking is your obedience and willingness to go.

Further scripture reading: Luke: 24: Acts 17:17; 19:9; 22:23; 16:13-15; Exodus. 2:5; Acts 27:37; 8: 29-27; Jude:22- 23; 2 Pt. 2:14; Luke 4:18.

Source: Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre

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