Your Guide to Dressing Suitably for a Business Meeting

If you are an employee in a corporate organization or an entrepreneur just starting out, there is a fair chance you would have to attend business meetings.

Whether you’re familiar with corporate ethics or new in the game, your ability to dress smartly is as expected as your ability to prepare powerpoints of your presentation.

Business meetings require more than an individual’s smart talk and brilliant presentation.

One thing to have in mind when dressing up for a business meeting is to keep every clothing item as simple, sharp, and comfortable as possible.

So how do you decide on what to wear?

As mentioned earlier, it is important to keep your dressing as simple, comfortable but sharp as possible. Go with simple chiffon tops, smartly patterned blouses and if you’re feeling extra sharp, add a blazer.

Suit trousers and skirts, chinos, wide-legged pants in dark, rich shades and wool trousers will give you the air of sophistication, power and sharpness you need to make a strong and lasting impression on an investor, client, interviewer etc.

If you’d rather put on a dress, bodycon dresses in rich and dark shades, midi-skirts, and A-line skirts are also very good options to consider.

For footwear, pumps, loafers, brogues and court shoes are your best bet. Avoid heels over four inches high and make sure your shoes are comfortable.

Very importantly, stick to simple accessories and avoid heavy and distracting ones.

Finally, in addition to nailing the right dressing, it is also important to project confidence, intelligence and quick thinking.

Good luck girl!

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