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6 Signs You Take Everything Personally

If you have the tendency to take things personally, it can take a huge mental and emotional toll on you. At times, you tend to overthink and overanalyse to such an extent that drains you of all your energy and positivity. So, you might have a constant feeling of anger, frustration and irritation.

Therefore, if your happiness matters to you then, avoid taking things personally. Some signs that you take things personally are:

  • You always try to prove yourself. When you bother about what others think of you, it affects the way you react to situations. Why do you overcompensate your time and energy to change people’s minds? So, avoid proving yourself to people.
  • Judgement and insecurity often creep in. If you find yourself judging others for how they live their lives, then you, 100% without a doubt, take everything personally. Lack of fulfilment is a thing you must avoid in your daily life because no one is affecting your life.
  • You need immediate gratification and praise. If you do things for praise, approval and attention, you have opened yourself up to disappointment. No one is going to make you feel as worthy as you deserve besides you.

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  • You get too attached to what your friends and loved ones are doing. As much as we love our significant others, friends and families, they are their own people, and we have absolutely no control over them. Don’t be too attached to the extent that you take everything personally with them.
  • You find yourself feeling guilty often. You shouldn’t allow guilty to dominate your life. Feeling guilty is tied with attachment to self. Guilt is all about taking things personally especially if you feel guilty of things you couldn’t control.
  • You focus on the wrong. Looking for the worse doesn’t make you a better person. Taking things personally makes you focus more on the wrong things. Definitely, you can’t be right all the time. So, you need to be more positive.

The world is a confusing place; so are the people in it. Sometimes people are mean to you. Sometimes they are not, but you tell yourself they are. Better still, you are just too sensitive for your own good.

Sensitivity is commendable but, you also have to allow for living in a world where not everyone will like you or world where you do not take things personally.

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