A Guide to Getting Out of Self-Pity

You can get into self-pity for any number of reasons. This could be after a major rejection. Despite our hard exterior as men, we know that it’s not particularly easy to get over it when a lady we truly like tells us she’s not interested. Alongside rejection, it could also be the loss of an opportunity or a job or something else of that sort.

By all means, these issues are particularly unpleasant to deal with, and they can cause negative emotional reactions that are quite painful to deal with. But, you’ll go beyond grieving and move into self-pity when you start constantly complaining about your problem for a really long time. It is very unhealthy, and you need to fix it. How?

  1. Face your feelings

Instead of always running away from the problem or drowning it in several bottles of alcohol, face what is happening to you and come to terms with it. Is it your fault? No. Is it your responsibility to deal with the problem? Absolutely YES! . So, start dealing with the problem and come to terms with how you feel about the problem.

  1. Practice gratitude

Indeed, you’re already going through a rough time. But, if you’re being honest, you’ll agree that things could certainly be a lot more unsavory than they currently are. So, try to start being more appreciative of the things you do have, rather than focusing on what you’ve lost. It might be difficult at first. Then, start slow and start small. As time goes by, you’ll learn to see things from a lighter perspective rather than the dark side you’re currently dealing with.

  1. Start getting productive

Self-pity robs you of your ability to stay productive. You’ll want to write, but you’ll find your hands quivering. You’ll try to get out of bed, and you’ll lose the motivation to do so completely. This is a tiring thing to deal with in more ways than one. So, actively try to get more productive. No matter how much your brain or body fights against that decision, continue pushing through until you get back to your normal self.


Self-pity is a downward spiral that keeps going lower and lower until you hit rock bottom. It takes effort and determination to get out of it. While that might seem like a challenge, we’re sure that it’s nothing you can’t handle.

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