How To Make Your Weekend More Productive In 6 Ways

How many times have you spent most of your weekend doing absolutely nothing and then woken up filled with regret on Monday? Too many to count, we’re sure. Weekends are meant to wind down but vegging on the couch with Netflix and junk food for two days straight isn’t the best way to spend that precious time. It is possible to be more productive on the weekend while still taking a break so here are 6 ways to make that possible.

1. Sleep Well

To do absolutely anything energetically, your body needs its quota of sleep. And while gathering sleep debt is something we’re all guilty of through the week, clear it on the weekend by sleeping on time, allowing yourself to laze around a bit and waking up a bit later than usual. Good sleep will ensure you’re high on energy and not groggy. Plus, take a nap too if you feel like it – it’s the weekend after all.

2. Make A To-Do List

Just as you plan out your work week in a daily agenda, work on the same lines for your weekends too, except make it more fun. On Friday, make a list of everything you’d like to complete over the weekend – from grocery trips to visiting friends and slowly work your way through it. That’ll make sure you’ve left nothing out on Sunday night.

3. Stay Off Social Media

While we’re always glued to our phones, tablets and laptops day during the week; which is usually unavoidable when working, stay away from social media on weekends. It’s a digital black hole of sorts that sucks you in with cat videos and makeup memes. Before you know it, you’ve forgotten about dinner and it’s 2am. So instead of wasting those awaited weekend hours, keep the phone down and go outside instead.

4. Make Time For You

Between reaching home and leaving for work the next morning, there’s very little time to take time out for yourself during the work week. On the weekend, make it a point to clear your closet, iron your clothes, get a mani-pedi and kick back with a massage. Me-time is something everyone puts off but penciling it for the weekend is a simple way to relax and rejuvenate oneself for the days ahead.

5. Plan Your Week Ahead

Up your productivity on the weekend by taking just an hour out on Sundays to plan your week ahead. Schedule in meetings you need to attend, work to be completed and events to head to. That’s a perfect way to give you a head start and driving those dreadful Monday blues away.

6. Divide Your Time

At the end of the day, weekends are meant to relax. As nothing in excess is ever good, divide your time equally through the weekend. Schedule time for social gatherings, movie nights, hobbies and planning for the week ahead so that you make time for it all without cutting down on weekend downtime.

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