The Interplay of Motive, Decision, and Choice

Looked at very well, every action of man is triggered by a motive. A motive could also interpreted as cause of an action, intention, reason, purpose, desire, etc. But come what may, motive serves as root of all decisions and choices.

It is also established that motive plays a fundamental role in the determination of actions taken in any given situation. Motive, however, is not seen because it is in the subconscious of any individual bearing it. Nonetheless, it is only revealed in actions, which is seen and can be evaluated.

Though, motive could not be easily known but pyschologists and other mind readers can help denote what could cause certain actions of an individual with the help of human experiences and established pattern of behaviors. And because human mind is so complex, cohabiting a lot of thoughts, some at same time or in close succession, it is possible that confusion could set in when multiple thoughts come to interact, especially when they are conflicting. Perhaps, there could be a non-alignment of mood and reason which creates a battle within self and affects the general outlook or behavioral pattern of an individual.

The complex human make-up, too, which combines body, soul and spirit  in one physical entity, the body, plays an inalienable role here. So, every human person we interact with each day is a complexity. We should figure it out in that light and take enough care to relating with each one everyday. It could help us understand why certain actions could be expected in particular situations,etc.

Pretense is common among human and this is owing to the human nature which allows the mind conjure all sorts, without external interference or foreknowledge. That’s why it is difficult to predict what anyone could do by mere looking at the faces, which oftentimes depict a contrary notion of what motive the mind has.

That is why Yorubas say ’Oju lare, Oluwa lo mo inu asebi’. This means we can see the face but God knows the heart of the evil. It is a paranormal situation. Likewise, greetings too may not really mean someone loves you. In fact, the wicked assailant tends to show love so as to easily get at an unsuspecting victim, who would rarely think such ’pretentious’ show of love could not turn out awful afterall.

It is very possible that one could be listening to another but not paying attention, or hearing but not listening. In such a case, the mind is not presently involved as the body presumes. It is only when such notice is made that it becomes real that the mind is not present at the location or in tune with the conversation at hand.

Suicide killers, and other criminals have motives, which could not be checked out until the evil acts they bear in mind are expressed through physical means.

Decision, therefore, is not immune to motive. This is because motive influences decision in any way. In order words, before one’s decision would materialize, motive would have been deliberated over a space of time, whether limited or prolonged.

Decision, which is also similar to choice, determines what impact an individual can have, first on self, and then on others. To make a decision is to make a choice. And wrong decision has great impact as does a good one. What makes some rich and others poor, lies in the decision they make. Same applies to success and failure in life for any individual, etc.

So for any decision to be made, there must be an alignment with a forerunning motive. Whether one makes a bad choice or a good one, it is a function of how far the motive has been exercised.

As it is often said that one’s attitude determines the altitude, same is with decision or choice which either make or mar one’s future or chances of survival. Ready models are the Biblical Cain and Abel, the two brothers of same parents, Adam and Eve. The duo made choices, howbeit one (Abel’s) lead to offering an acceptable sacrifice of farm harvest to God while the other (Cain’s) brought rejection. However, the latter became furious and killed the former for sake of jealousy.

You need not blame anyone for the choices or decisions you make, no matter the consequence. Own up to your decision in the face of negativity. You owe yourself an obligation to which you must be committed from the day you took a decision to when it comes to fruition and afterwards.

Nevertheless, there is always room to make a redress when it is obvious an earlier decision is wrong rather than playing the fool by remaining unyielding. Second chance may not always come for everyone, so make wise choice now as if none would come again.

Let your choice be your unique selling point. Let it differentiate you from the rest of your peers. Do not give up on self; improve as the day progresses, sooner or later you would get the commendation for all your worthy efforts of making right decisions and choices.


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