The Place of the Highest Authority

The Place of Highest Authority

The famous story of Jesus calming a storm is an intriguing one. First, experienced, and hardened fishermen were afraid of wind and waves – it must have been one heck of a storm! Second because Jesus, rather than understanding this, actually rebukes the disciples for their lack of faith.

But perhaps Jesus had a point.

Up ‘til then, his disciples had heard a voice from heaven announcing him to be God’s son and they had seen him do miracle after miracle, including a paralytic walking, a man with leprosy being completely healed and demons cast out with a word of command. They heard evil spirits declaring Jesus to be the ‘Holy One of God’ (Mark 1: 24) and they heard Jesus forgiving sins, re-writing the rules of the sabbath and teaching in such a profound new way that he left his audiences stunned and ‘amazed’ (Mark 1:22).

Maybe the disciples just forgot who was in the boat with them!

And perhaps that is the moral of the story. When storms hit, how easy is it to take our eyes off the One who created them and, by the way, who is right next to you! It doesn’t take much to feel afraid, overwhelmed and helpless, but do we need to? Jesus started the journey with us, he knows where he is going, he knows where he is taking us, and he hasn’t left us.

The storms that hit us can be forces we are expecting, or they can creep up unannounced. They can occur through circumstances, through people or through both. They can come at us from things that we see, or they can slowly grow within. Perhaps the deadliest are the ones that swirl around inside us and try to steal our peace. How do we fight them?

Jesus commanded the wind and waves to be quiet and still. He used His authority to calm the tempest. Now, here’s the thing: Did you know that you and I have that same authority? In Ephesians 2: 6, Paul describes our spiritual status as ‘raised up with Christ and seated with him in the heavenly realms.’ That, folks is the place of highest authority.

We may not be able to control every external influence, but when it comes to the storms that rage within, maybe we can use some of that authority to do some commanding. Look at the way David spoke to his heart in Psalm 42:11:

Why, my soul, are you downcast?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God’.

Have you done any commanding lately?

Start by telling your soul to ‘be quiet and still’. Speak to your heart: ‘Come on heart, put your hope in God!’ Then remember who you are positioned next to. You are in the throne room of the king – in Christ – the place of highest authority

Source: Terry Nightingale

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