Tuesday Faith Clinic – Height, Sight and Possessions

Height, Sights and Possessions.

“For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give, and to thy seed for ever.” – Genesis 13:15

Perception is necessary for discovery and recovery. What you see determines what you get. If you cannot ‘see’ divine healing in the Bible, but just read about it, you may never experience it.

So many believers have heard of divine healing but very few have experienced it because they cannot ‘see’ the true picture as presented in God’s word.

One Life-changing Look

In Genesis 13:14-15, God told Abraham to take a look of his life; just one look and whatever he saw became his. If you were asked to take that one life-changing look, what will you do?

You would climb to a very high mount, get a vantage point that guarantees the best view, before you take that look. If you were on a mountain top, you would have a great view and as a result greater possessions than if you were in a valley.

In the same way, your spiritual level determines how much you can benefit from God’s Kingdom. Whenever you are spiritually high, you will be able to derive greater understanding and revelations from the Bible than when you are in the valley of sin.

Remain on the mountain top

Any time you are in sin, you are down. Do all you can to remain on the mountain top of God’s presence! The extent of your vision is the limit of your possession. You cannot possess what you cannot see. Anything the eye of your spirit-man can envision, God will deliver into your hands.

In Exodus 2:2, Jochebed saw something in Moses that other people could not see. While other Hebrew women were seeing their new born baby boys as dead, Jochebed saw her baby boy as alive, contrary to the king’s verdict.

She simply made an exception for her baby. She said: “All other Hebrew male children may die but my baby boy will live, ” and it was so.

What are you seeing?

Today, because of the economic down turn, many people are seeing death in their businesses. but the overcomers see life. In the face of an epidemic, what are you seeing: life or death?

You can only get what you see. Like Jochebed, make yourself an exception, and it will be so. You will possess your possessions. No matter how dire a situation is, there is always a positive side to focus on. As you do so, good outcomes will be your portion.

Source: Pastor E.A Adeboye

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