Why we should all watch out for Man City next season

Two minutes on the clock against Crystal Palace, and Man City are a goal up courtesy of the Spanish magician that is David Silva. By the end of 90 minutes, the likes of De Bruyne, Sterling, and EVEN Kompany & Otamendi added more goals (and misery) to Palace’s abysmal performance. After watching that game, I found it really hard to believe that these guys are not fighting neck and neck with Chelsea for the league title. In many games this season, Man City have literally destroyed teams on the pitch (West Ham, Southampton, Bournemouth, and of course Palace”¦just to name a few) by not just outplaying them but imposing their style in such a way that it’s so entertaining to watch. That these performances have not been consistent has been a huge source of frustration for fans, players and even Pep Guardiola”¦which brings me to why they will be dangerous next season.

Guardiola will be fully aware of what was lacking from his team this season, especially when the issues were SO obvious that you could have a checklist of them and just be ticking as they occur in each Man City match you watch. He now has the experience of coaching in a league as unique as the EPL so he will definitely be making adjustments to adapt next season.

A number of high-profile exits are expected to occur this summer. Some players will be moved on because they are way past their prime. I’m talking about the likes of Clichy, Sagna, Yaya Toure, and Zabaleta (not because they’re not good players”¦but they are no longer great players for City). Some others could include Navas, Fernando (yea, that guy), Mangala (the second he gets back, he’s off), Bony (lol”¦can’t get a game at Stoke? Are you kidding me? Out!) and probably Joe Hart (regardless of what Bravo has been like”¦which is crap), plus I think Hart could do with a new challenge.

This opens up a lot of space for new signings to come in and over the years, Guardiola has been very smart in the transfer market (again, regardless of what Bravo has been like”¦which is crap). Signing the likes of Pique, Alves and Villa for Barcelona and the likes of Thiago, Douglas Costa and Lewandowski for Bayern shows that Pep’s not bad at recruiting and I’m sure he’ll be going for some stellar players this summer. Already we have many players linked like Griezmann, Walker, Coman, Mbappe, a few kids from Brazil and any top young player you can think of. I know Man City will back him big time on getting the players he wants.

The style of play will be refined. This season, we’ve seen Man City try out so much in terms of tactics and while I agree that it has not worked every time, it would have given Guardiola an idea of what will work eventually. The players he had at his disposal played a part as well in how he was setting up the team at times. With new (and way better) players coming in, he will have a style that fits well with the players and deliver results at the same time.

I agree with Kompany when he said that the team is on the brink of something special. Guardiola will be hugely motivated for next season, especially after finishing without a trophy (for the first time ever). The setup at Man City is built for success and the core of the team is ready for the challenge. Add what you wish to the likes of Gabriel Jesus, Sane, Silva, De Bruyne, Stones, Sterling, & Aguero and you have yourself a team that can blow your mind next season. So let’s just kick back and see this goes.

Yea sure, it’s not only City that will be dangerous”¦but Pep’s not like most managers, and after watching City play Palace, Man city are not like most teams.


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