5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Away From Work

It can be fun having your kids around your work zone, but when they make all the papers on your table their planes, then you may realize that it can no longer be fun. So, what can be done?

  1. Talk to your child

When you are probably taking him to work, it is good to have a heart to heart discussion with him about how the office looks like, what he will be expecting, where to seat an what not to touch. Show him some signs to be careful of and show the seriousness of your words.

So make him know that your work zone is very important and he should treat it as such, and you may be fortunate, it may work that way.

  1. Use the door signs

After talking and you noticed that it has not yielded much result, then you can use the door sign. You must have explained what the red signs can mean. When he sees that on the door, then he can be able to know that he should stay clear from the doors and be where he was stipulated to be.

  1. Keep the values

If your home is your work zone and you comes into it, it is good for you to make him realize that some valuables should not be touched at all. Make sure that your laptops, phones and other valuables are kept far away from the reach of your kids. When this is done, it will reduce the heart aches and troubles that comes along with it.

  1. Give more time

Your child may just want more time with you and that is why he frequents your work zone. He may be kept off from it, but when he wants you, then, there is nothing you can do about it. Hr must surely get it.

His attention may go beyond the games he wants or the frequent visitation to the room, but it may expand to the affection he wants from you. So give him some of that.

  1. Use a child lock

After trying all the above, he still seems adamant on just going to your work zone, then you must use the child lock so that when he tries opening it, it will be very difficult for home to do so. When this is done, then you must know that you may need to keep an eye on him/her so that no damage will be done health wise.

Credit: dailyfamily.

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