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5 Ways to Achieve Career Fulfilment

When it comes to job, career fulfilment means different things for different people. Basically, your job defines you and how you provide for yourself financially. It should be noted that, striving to become a better version of you at your job helps to create a sense of satisfaction. So, career fulfilment creates a sense of satisfaction and love for your job.

Women Tricks to Make Your Whites “Whiter”
Tricks to Make Your Whites “Whiter”

Do you know that, white clothes make you look fresh? Have you ever seen someone wearing a gleaming pair of white pants, and you wish your clothes could be like that? Well, it is easy but, we find ourselves struggling to keep the white cloth itself. So today, I’d be stating some tricks to make your whites “whiter.”

Women How to Make Shawarma
How to Make Shawarma

Do you know that Shawarma is an Arab dish? It’s now very popular in many parts of the world. Shawarma is prepared by frilling meat on a spit, and it’s served almost everywhere from restaurants to the fast food chain.

Women Health Risks of Carrying Heavy Loads
Health Risks of Carrying Heavy Loads

Carrying heavy loads is now a norm for human beings. When you are asked to lift heavy loads, you may be tempted to lift it on your own, rather than calling for help or using the proper lifting equipment. Whether you are really strong or you are thinking it’s a short distant, you need to be careful of the loads you carry.

Christendom Girl, Get Up! – Sarah Jakes Roberts
Girl, Get Up! –Sarah Jakes Roberts

“Do not be afraid, only believe. Girl, you’ve been down for too long and it’s time to get up again. It is time to reach pass where pain met you. It’s time to grab the little girl who believes that all things were possible. It’s time to understand that you can’t afford to just exist anymore so, get up and get your power back-” Sarah Jakes Roberts.

Business Why Transparency Matters in Business
Why Transparency Matters in Business

Transparency in business leads to trust. It helps you to be committed to your customers, investors and employees to build the best venture you could. Basically, transparency is a process of being open, honest and straightforward about the company’s operation.

Women How to Keep Your House Cool in Dry Season
How to Keep Your House Cool in Dry Season

The dry season is a yearly period of low rainfall. Its hallmarks are a scorching hot day, warm or even hot night, dry and dusty air. However, there are some precautions you need to take to avoid infections and diseases. Well, it is understandable that you need to be safe so here are some tips to keep your house cool.

Women Who Are You?
Who Are You?

When we are asked, “Who are you?” Sometimes, we say I am a doctor, a writer, a poet, a data analyst, an engineer, a CEO and many more. However, it is germane to note that we are no one and we are everyone. So, how we define ourselves say something about how deep our sense of purpose is.

Women Health Benefits of Carrots
Health Benefits of Carrots

Carrots are root vegetables. They have a wealth of antioxidants and offer many health benefits. The best known colour is orange, but they also come in other hues, including purple, yellow, red and white. Carrots taste different depending on the colour, size and where it is grown.

Business Best Resource Management for Your Business
Best Resource Management for Your Business

Perhaps you are wondering the importance of resource management for your business, well it is quite simple. Resource management provides you with an overview of everyone and everything involved in your project. Also, it gives you control over your project and helps you to see problems before they start.

Christendom Tips for Great Job Interview
Tips for Great Job Interview

If you are one who hasn’t done many job interviews in the past, the uncertainty will only add to your jitters. But, if you really want to ace your next job interview, here are few tips for before, during and after the interview.

Women Why You Should Avoid Canned Foods
Why You Should Avoid Canned Foods

Canning is a method used to preserve foods for long periods and the three main steps are processing, sealing, and heating. With canned foods, you can have access to a wide variety of foods throughout the year. In fact, any food can be found in the can today.

Business Tips to Reach Your Financial Goals
Tips to Reach Your Financial Goals

Financial goals can be set at any time and for any reason. All you need is the drive to accomplish the goal you set. It puts you in control of your money and allows you to take control of how you spend your money. However, it takes consistency to work towards financial security.

Women Health Benefits of Papaya
Health Benefits of Papaya

Papaya also known a pawpaw grows in tropical climate, and its sweetness and vibrant colour has made it a popular fruit in different regions. It is a soft fruit that benefits human health in diverse ways.

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