Nigeria @ 60: Celebrating Some of Her Powerful Women

It’s that time of the year to celebrate our country Nigeria. The time to reflect on our successes, weaknesses, failures, achievements and more. Aside being the country’s 60th, Nigeria gained independence in October 1960.

Today, we’d reflect on the amazing women whose contributions to the society have paved the way for women to go for the goal. Women whose personalities stand for strengthen, unity, power, peace, wisdom and every other inspiring phrases. Here are some women whose extraordinary achievements have shaped Nigeria:

  1. Funmilayo Ransome Kuti (1900-1978)

Funmilayo Kuti was an activist, teacher, political campaigner and founder of the Nigerian Women’s Union. She is the first woman to drive a car in the entire country. You know Fela Kuti, the afrobeat musician and political activist? Funmilayo Kuti was his mother.


Funmi Ransom-Kuti

  1. Kofo Ademola (1913- 2002)

She is the first Nigerian woman to get an undergraduate degree from the Oxford University. Isn’t that wonderful?


Kofo Ademola

  1. Ladi Dosei Kwali (1925 – 1984)

Check that #20 note with you. She is the first woman to appear on a currency note. Also, she is the pioneer of modern pottery in Nigeria.


Ladi Dosei Kwali

  1. Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi (1910- 1971)

Elizabeth is the first female physician to practise in Nigeria. She is also the first West African woman to earn a license of Royal Surgeon in Dublin.

Elizabeth Awoliyi

  1. General Aderonke Kale (1959)

After becoming a medical doctor, she is the first female army Major-General in Nigeria.

General Aderonke Kale

  1. Virginia Etiaba (1942)

Virginia is the first female governor in Nigeria’s history. She ruled from November 2006 to February 2007. We crave for more female governors in Nigeria!

Virginia Etiaba

  1. Grace Alele Williams (1932)

Grace was one of the first Nigerian woman to obtain PhD in Mathematics. She is also the first female Vice Chancellor in Nigeria. Bravo! Together we can.

Grace Alele Williams

  1. Captain Chinyere Onyenaucheya (1970)

Chinyere is Nigeria’s first female pilot. Also, she is the first female commercial pilot in the nation.

Captain Chinyere Onyenaucheya

  1. Adetowun Ogunsheye (1926)

Adetowun is the Nigeria’s first female professor and the first female Dean of a Faculty. Wow!


Adetowun Ogunsheye

  1. Folake Sholanke (1932)

Folake is the first woman to become the Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN).


Folake Solanke

  1. Sandra Aguebor-Ekperuoh (1970)

Sandra is the first female mechanic in Nigeria. She has a non-profit organisation named the Lady Mechanic Initiative of Nigeria. She uses the initiative to empower sexually abused and underprivileged women.

Sandra Aguebor-Ekperuoh

  1. Ire Aderinokun (1991)

Ire is a self-taught UI/UX Designer and Front-End Developer. She is the first Nigerian woman to become a Google Development expert.

Ire Aderinokun

Yeah!!! Among other notable women to celebrate today, you should celebrate yourself for the achievements so far.  This is because when we mention Nigeria, little is said of women. However, there are lot of stories to tell about Nigerian women.

Indeed, women have changed and are still changing the narrative.

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