Part one……

My heart melts at the sound of his voice; his presence makes me feel like a woman. Some call it butterflies in the tummy …oh yes, that is how I feel when I am around him. He keeps me up all night, our conversations flow naturally; i am anxious to read his pings and also excited to hear his voice. He has a baritone voice, deep and sexy. Before I forget, his name is Jayden.

Jayden and I met at the gym one Saturday morning, we exchanged greetings and like magnets we got attracted to each other. He planned our first date and promised to make it magical and a memorable one. Since the chemistry was building already, I accepted to meet him up at the venue by 5pm on the set date.

I got there looking dressed to slay, though I was a bit nervous. The thoughts of being over dressed lingered in my head …… still thinking…., I soon saw someone waving and smiling at me, lo and behold, it was Jayden. He looked so breath-taking in his casual shorts, white polo and a pair of slippers….oh yes! I took time to access him, smile plastered on my lips…Wow…I was in love already! We sat down and had some drinks. The venue was cozy with a light music playing on the background. We talked and talked about so many things.

Jayden works with a bank and has a comfortable apartment. I got really excited knowing he could be a potential hubby (how we ladies conclude so quickly). It really felt like I have finally found ‘my God sent’.  It was my birth month and I concluded what I wanted for a birthday gift from Jayden. “Honey, I want an iphone 7 for my birthday” I said, “I phone 7”? He replied, I said yes. Madam, there is nothing wrong with your Samsung phone. I grumbled as I said…. I want to join the Iphone family. He responded ok. I received the gift of an iphone7; it was delivered to my house very early on the morning of my birthday,Icalled him to thank him and we had a wonderful time.

I and Jayden kept on seeing each other and things seemed to be going very smoothly till I got a call from an unknown number on the 12th of February, 2 months into our relationship. I usually don’t pick calls from numbers that are not saved on my phone so I ignored the call. The number kept calling however, and I eventually picked the call. ***

I tried to call Jayden but there was no response. I kept calling till I got a response, “the number you are trying to call is not reachable at the moment”……………………

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