Benue hunter kills pastor for stopping him from killing is mother

Grief took hold of Iwewe-lchama community in Okpokwu LGA of Benue State Friday night after one Mr. Adoko, a hunter killed a pastor and injured three others.

Benue hunter

Benue hunter

It was learnt that the man took his gun and was about to shoot his mother but mistakenly shot and killed one Pastor Ojobo and injured three other persons who came to rescue the old woman from his grip.

DAILY POST reports that Adoko, who is believed to be a hunter had warned his wife not to cook the meat he had killed the previous day.

An eyewitness, who gave his name as Peter, reportedly said Saturday morning that the hunter wanted to sell the meat but his wife ignored his warning and cooked it.

“When he got home and discovered that the wife ignored his warning, argument ensued between them,” the source said.

For daring to support his wife, the young man took his gun and threatened to shoot the mother, who raised alarm, attracting the attention of the pastor.

The source said the pastor, who tried to rescued the woman from his son’s grip got more than he bargained for as the angry hunter pulled the trigger and shot him dead on the spot.

The young man warned that nobody should meddle into the matter but three other neighbours came in and were seriously injured.

It was gathered that it took some strong youths from the community to overpower the young hunter.

Several calls to the Benue State Police spokesman, Moses Yamu were not answered while filing this report.

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