Eight Easy Indoor Workouts For The Rainy Season

The rainy season may bring much-needed cool relief to most but, for exercise junkies, it can be a bit disappointing. Muddy shoes, soaked clothes and the cold make you too lazy to head out to the gym or go jogging when it’s raining. So, how do you deal with that? The best solution is to turn your home into a gym. From spot jogging to yoga, here are some ways you can work up a sweat in the comfort of your home when it’s storming outside.

Spot jogging
This is an ideal warm-up exercise which, when done properly, can help you burn about 215 calories every half hour. On a spot, lift your knees and move your arms and legs like you do when you are running.

Burning about 560 calories per hour, this cardio workout improves flexibility, coordination and cardio-respiratory fitness. It also helps you shed weight off your hips, thighs and sides. Hold a rope handle in each hand and swing in a circular motion all the way under your feet. Jump a little as the rope hits the floor.

This challenging exercise tones your core areas (back, abs and stabiliser muscles), burning about 350 calories per hour. Get into a push-up position, then bend your arms and move towards the floor and hold the position for 30 seconds.

Yoga helps you become more aware of your body posture and alignment, makes your body flexible and helps you relax. You can practise yoga regularly at home, not needing to worry about going anywhere.


This workout develops the body through flexibility, core strength and graceful movement. The pilates mat-hundred-exercise promotes blood circulation and breathing. It burns about 260 calories per hour. Lie on your back and bring both the knees close to the chest. Curl your head and shoulders off the mat and point your legs to a controlled working level — straightened or bent at 90 degrees.

Walking lunges
Lunges work your legs and pelvic area and improve hip flexibility and core strength. Stand tall with your back straight. Then, take a step forward with one foot while lowering your body. Keep your back straight and your front knee must not go past your toes. Without stepping backward, repeat with your other foot.

This total body exercise will leave you thoroughly pumped. Lower your body into a squat, placing your hands in front of you. Then kick your feet back to place yourself in a push-up position. Do a slow, controlled push-up, keeping your core tight and elbows close to your body. Then jump up and land in the squat position again.


Sit on the edge of a chair, gripping its edges with your hands by your sides. Take a few steps forward and lower your body while keeping your core straight and tight, until your elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle. Then straighten your arms to push yourself back up.

Credit: Guardian.

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