National Agric Show Targets Youths Involvement In Farming

The organisers of National Agriculture show has said that this year’s Show would be centered on attracting youths into agriculture in order to develop the various agricultural value chains in the country.

The National Agriculture Show which is organized by National Agriculture Foundation of Nigeria, is an annual agricultural Show where states, agricultural value chain associations, stakeholders in the sector, display their products and network with each other.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, the Director General of National Agriculture Foundation of Nigeria, Dr Samuel Negedu said this year’s show would feature seminar for youths where various actors in the sector would motivate the youths through telling their stories.

“The theme this year is going to be about youths activities along the development of agricultural value chains in Nigeria, we want to see we start work, we have talked about the youths, but I am happy to inform you that quite a number of youths are active along the value chains.

“I know of many of them that are in production across the sub-sectors of crops, livestock fisheries, many are even having products like food additives and so on, many have gone into agricultural marketing, quite a number of youths are into electronic marketing of agricultural products.

“We will have a youth seminar that will have the actors play a major role in that seminar, so our theme when it solidifies is mainly is about youth activities along the value chains of agricultural development in Nigeria,” Dr Negedu said.

He further said the show aims at informing the Nigerian public and the international communities on the potential of agriculture in Nigeria.

“The aim of the show is to ensure that the Nigerian public and the international communities are adequately informed about agricultural potential. And not just potential because we have talked so many times about potential in Nigeria, and to enable the Nigerian public, the agricultural community in particular and the business community in Nigeria and the international community to know that it is not all about potential, but there is reality that agriculture in all its ramifications along all the value chains and even new technology development are happening in the Nigerian environment”, he said.

Source: Tribune

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