Nicki Minaj vs Remy Ma: rap beef reignited

Nicki Minaj and Terror Squad MC Remy Ma viciously reignited a decade-long feud. The public beef that started in 2007 seemingly expired when Ma was incarcerated on multiple charges in 2008. Since Remy Ma’s release in 2014, time has only soured feelings between the rappers, as evidenced by Remy Ma’s “Shether,”Â a diss track aimed at Minaj. Here’s a cheat sheet on the rap queen battle:

Nicki Minaj started the feud in 2007

Nicki Minaj released the freestyle “Dirty Money” off her Playtime Is Over mixtape in 2007, which includes the line: “Tell that bitch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown” over a beat from Terror Squad’s “Yeah Yeah Yeah.” Minaj never confirmed the rumor that she was taking shots at Remy Ma, a Terror Squad MC. Remy Ma felt the line was a personal attack and confronted Minaj at a release party.


Dating rumors did not help mend their friendship

On top of the lyrical drama, unfounded rumors began swirling in tabloids and gossip columns that Minaj and Remy Ma had been lovers. Both rappers denied that they had dated, though the lore became more intense when a video of a woman claiming to be Remy Ma’s ex-girlfriend surfaced and she strongly resembled Minaj


Remy Ma was in prison for six years while Minaj’s career took off

Ma served six years in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, missing much of Minaj’s rise. The feud remained dormant for that time, though the imprisoned MC addressed the mixtape party confrontation in an interview she did from jail. Upon her release, the rapper suggested the feud was over and congratulated Minaj on winning the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist Award at the BET Awards in 2016.


Remy Ma took shots at Minaj while restarting her rap career

Since her release from jail, Ma freestyled over Minaj’s “Truffle Butter” beat. She also imitated Minaj’s “Monster” verse during a cypher. Remy Ma found real success without disparaging Minaj on the 2016 summer hit “All the Way Up” with Fat Joe.


Minaj fired back at Remy Ma in two 2017 songs

In guest spots on two 2017 tracks ”“ Gucci Mane’s “Make Love” and Jason Derulo’s “Swalla” ”“ Minaj referenced her beef with Remy Ma for the first time since becoming famous. She asserted her rap dominance, supporting her argument by pointing out how poorly Remy Ma’s recent album with Fat Joe sold.


Remy Ma responded to Minaj’s verses with new diss track, “Shether.”

Remy Ma released “Shether,” a song riddled with personal attacks from Minaj’s fake rear-end (the Terror Squad rapper’s words) to her brother, who has been accused of sexually assaulting a child. Minaj has yet to respond musically. But Minaj posted pair of Instagram pictures that convey her feelings: one featured the “Darling Nikki” rework by Beyoncé that praised Minaj as rap’s queen. The other picture pointed out Remy Ma’s failed album.


Where’s this beef going?

Remy Ma has plans to release a second diss track, “Child’s Play,” in early March. She gained support from another Minaj-enemy, Lil Kim, who teased fans that she would release a remake of her star-studded hit “Ladies’ Night” with Remy Ma and Cardi B


By Brittany Spanos

Adopted from Rolling Stone



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