Pencil factory ready for commissioning- Akwa-Ibom State Government

In its avowed commitment to re-awaken the spirit of enterprise among the youths and position them to benefit from the industrialization programme of the state, government of Akwa Ibom State is set to commission its multibillion naira pencil and tooth pick factory.

The factory which is wholly-owned by the state government was floated in 2015 under the Akwa Ibom Enterprises and Employment Scheme (AKEES).  According to the Administrative and Utility Manager of the factory, Ms. Nsisiong Umoh, the factory, though currently on a test run with staff strength of over 60, all drawn from AKEES database, has been producing for two months now.

Still speaking to news men, she said the factory is currently producing about 100,000 per month and intends to increase drastically when the factory is finally inaugurated. Umoh added that government’s plan is to also build pen, matches and sagged bag factories within the premises, thereby creating more employment opportunities for the teeming youths.

The manager revealed that the factory is yet to start selling its products. However, many companies have already indicated interest to act as their marketers/distributors. Confirming this, the pencil and tooth pick factory has received orders from the Sokoto State government to supply 144,000 pencils every three months. 

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