The Choleric Boss…

I grew up with so much fright and coldness; my parents are so strict that i am barely free around them. I managed to stay away from home most times especially when I got into the university. I will always give excuses of exams been fixed at odd times or how missing school for even a day could cause me a lot. I attended a private university where attendance counts anyways. All these were just excuses to stay away from home.


After my services year, I got a job in a private company as a secretary. My boss was a very beautiful woman who was all about her career. At first I admired and wished to be like her, hmmmmm! You know that saying “mind what you wish for”. I got my KPI’s, and as a starter I got worried because I dint want to disappoint her.

Working with her was like toiling in the desert. Nothing seemed to please her. I cried most times and tried to see what I could do differently.


Often times employees get frustrated and confused when working with a strong willed choleric boss. Considering the fact that we have varied personalities, some will find it easy to work with such bosses while others will consider it as a difficult nut to crack. Not to worry, the following tips will help you cross the hurdles. 

Listen carefully and never argue with your boss, they hate that a lot. Even when you have a contrary opinion to that of your boss regarding an idea, just be patient and after he/she has spoken, calmly appreciate their suggestion and use diplomacy to suggest other constructive ideas that would aid the project at hand. Mind you, at first your suggestions will be discredited but certainly they will come back to your ideas when it becomes glaring that their opinions will most likely not make any head way. 

Just because you don’t want to offend your boss, you keep asking for their opinions before taking decisions. For choleric bosses it could be quite annoying because they expect you to take initiative on a decision without been told and deliver timely reports. 
They are very unpredictable because you discover that one minute they are in a good mood and they are pleasant to be with but when they have an outburst of anger, just try and carry out their instructions without arguing. As much as possible be calm around them and do not fret because if you do you might get what you were trying to avoid.

Don’t take things to heart. Remember your boss only knows the ‘you’ in the workplace and doesn’t know the real you outside the work place. Hence as much as possible do not take things personal, know your self-worth and don’t allow any of the tantrums get to you or distort your productivity at work. 

You have to be hardworking and smart as choleric bosses are often impatient and expect you to go straight to the point when having a meeting with them and not beating about the bush. Thus, they are straightforward and apt and don’t need in-depth details, all they want to see is the results. 

You can win your boss’ heart when you deliver on timely projects without any problems. In an event when there is a problem in a project, make sure you have a control over the situation as it makes them happy and not make them feel they employed a figure head who waits to be told what to do at every given point.

Clementina Ugwu

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