Why Edo State Should Not Scrap Agric College

Sir: Recently, it was in the news that the College Of Agriculture, Iguoriaikhi in Edo state has been shut down permanently by the governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki owing to the reasons that the school lacks infrastructural development, maintenance, shortage of students, internal crisis and poor accreditation of courses.

It is my opinion that the school be left to remain in operation. College of Agriculture, Iguoriaikhi in Edo State, is the only college of Agriculture in the entire South-South zone of Nigeria with a campus sited at Agenebode.

The College was established with the necessary edict and it has courses fully accredited with some others awaiting accreditation. That should have been the concern of the state government in ensuring full accreditation of all running courses.

The state government should allow the college to be in operation because, at this time when the federal and state governments are pushing, agitating and encouraging citizens to embark on agriculture, such an institution should be given attention to make out contemporary farmers who will impact the economy.Closure of the college will also contribute to unemployment rate. The over 400 staff members will be laid off and a fresh search for means of survival will then commence. That is, if it hasn’t commenced.

In some cases, there are couples that are employed in the institution. Probably, they have children in tertiary institutions. The closure of the college may be a big punch to such a family.

On the part of the students, if not allowed to continue in their academic sojourn, some of them may go into criminal activities and such will constitute threat and nuisance to the society.

Concerning the internal crisis, hardly will there be any organisation, union or association where crisis will be fully absent. This shouldn’t be one of the reasons for the closure.

This College has so far produced agriculturists who are doing well around the various parts of the nation. Evidences are there to prove it. I hereby appeal strongly to the good -hearted Governor Godwin Obaseki to kindly reopen the college and let the state see how it can be improved and developed.
Kadiri Christopher wrote from Benin City, Edo State.


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